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Relaxation begins with a signature welcome drink and calming Foot Bath.

All treatments conclude with complementary refreshments.

Explore the benefits of each Facial below or immediately.

Note: Prices shown are before 15% tax and subject to change.

Central Natural Facial

The all-natural healing properties of yoghurt, honey, and citrus exfoliates and smoothes light wrinkles for vibrant skin.

[Suitable for oily skin types]

Galvanic (Nu Skin) Facial

The anti-aging process cleanses your face, improves circulation to the facial tissues, and speeds the regeneration of your skin.

[Suitable for all skin types including mature]

Anti Aging (Nu Skin) Facial

This anti-aging facial also cleanses your pores, improves blood flow to the facial tissues, and aids the process of skin regeneration.

[Suitable for all skin types]

Vitamin C (le club) Facial

Look radiant again with the relaxing and regerating properties of the Vitamin C facial with exclusive le club products.

[Suitable for all skin types]

Refresh (Biokos) Facial

The Refresh facial with Biokos product is sure to restore life-giving properties to your facial skin for a brighter you.

[Suitable for all skin types]

Collagen Eye Treatment

Relax your eyes and reduce under-eye wrinkles with our special collagen eye treatment so your eyes can sparkle again.

Face Massage 3 in One

 Combo treatment with massage, masker, & Collagen Eye Treatment. Aids circulation, reducing the pressure on the facial muscles and brightening dull skin.

Face Massage

Aids circulation, reducing the pressure on the facial muscles and brightening dull skin.

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Learn about our popular 2-hour package, couples ritual, or create your own customized half day or full day package.

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